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The Month That Was - December 1926
12:57pm - 30/Nov/2011

Eagle Of The Sea

Wednesday, December 1st, 1926 – The Oshawa Daily Reformer

Massive Attraction To Be Shown At The Regent Next Week

Another super-film is to be shown here soon when the stupendous and highly dramatic adventure-romance “The Eagle Of The Sea” opens a three night engagement at the Regent next Monday evening.


The story has two distinct sides. One sees love in moonlit gardens and dismal swamps, romance in lace and rags, thrills in New Orleans and terrific pirate fights at sea, in one scene the blowing up of a huge warship. It was produced by Frank Lloyd, the man who made “The Sea Hawk” and is enacted by a wonderful cast heared by Florence Vidor and Rishard Cortez.   


“The Eagle Of The Sea” has been doing tremendous business in every city where it has been shown, some theatres charging as high as $1.50 a seat for viewing the production.


Manager Osier has announced that although the Regent has secured the film at great expense patrons will not be asked to pay higher than usual prices during the engagement there.


Censors Over 70 Attract Criticism

Wednesday, December 1st, 1926 – The Oshawa Daily Reformer

University Women Seeking To Have Dominion Board To Function

Miss C.J. McKenzie, secretary of the third Conference of the National Federation of University Women, held in this city last summer, addressing a meeting of the McGIll Alumnae Association, urged members to take up the study of movie censorship in Canada with a view to securing Dominion censorship in place of the separate boards maintained by the various provinces. Miss McKenzie said that difficulties were suffered by picture producers through wholesale criticism by a bureau of censors, whose average age is over 70, and who are perhaps not always in touch with the ever-changing wishes of the public.


Mount Vesuvius Is Still Active

Wednesday, December 1st, 1926 – The Oshawa Daily Reformer

Eruptions of Smoke and Lava Continue – Curtain of Steam

Mount Vesuvius today still was busily throwing out smoke and lava. In the opinion of the officials of the observatory on the volcano, however, the volcano is likely to resume its normal activities within the next two or three days.


Rain has been falling and, coming in contact with the lava, it has created a steam curtain which envelopes the entire course of the lava stream.


Alleged Chicken Thieves In Toils

Thursday, December 2nd, 1926 – The Oshawa Daily Reformer

Fowl Worth Hundreds of Dollars Are Stolen in the County

It is estimated that hundreds of dollars worth of fowl have been stolen in this county. On Monday, Chief Constrable Charles Lavery and Provincial Constable G. Cookman, of Whitby, landed an alleged member of the chicken stealing gang in the toils, and on Tuesday they arrested his brother. Both are young men. When they appeared before Magistrate Willis, at Whitby, Wednesday, they were remanded to jail until December 9.


The brothers were trailed by the police from places in Whitby township where thefts had been reported, to a point of five miles north east of Newcastle, where between 60 and 7- head of fowl were found on the premises. The birds are believed to have been stolen.


Constable Cookman stated to The Reformer this afternoon that the stolen birds are dressed and sold all over the district at stores.


A New Masonic Temple

Thursday, December 2nd, 1926 – The Oshawa Daily Reformer

The Masons of Oshawa have decided to see what can be done towards the erection of new quarters. That’s the spirit! All Oshawa citizens are looking forward to advancement and improvement and the Masons are never behind in any community. Though they are taught to revere the old landmarks, they are at the same time always progressive. The Reformer wishes them success in their new venture.


Prohibitionists Are Defeated

Thursday, December 2nd, 1926 – The Oshawa Daily Reformer

Five Opposition Members Pledged to Support Gov’t Control

Of thirty who went into battle yesterday morning as “Prohibition” candidates not one returned victorious.


Four Independent-Liberals and Labor members are five who will vote with the Government on its liquor policy if they carry out their pre-election pledges.


Mercury Drops To Zero In City

Thursday, December 2nd, 1926 – The Oshawa Daily Reformer

Did you know that it was even zero at seven this morning? Unofficial but reliable thermometers in town showed this record, one of the coldest December Firsts for years. IT was four above zero at midnight with a gale blowing which made it that much more disagreeable. Some time during the night the wind subsided and today there was a gentle if cool breeze but it was not so cutting as at midnight. City Engineer Smith expressed the hope this morning that people had looked well after their water pipes. Not a complaint, however, had been registered this forenoon.


Ladies’ Aid Society Visits Tod’s Bakery

Thursday, December 2nd, 1926 – The Oshawa Daily Reformer

The Ladies’ Society of Simcoe Street United Church held their regular monthly meeting in the Sunday School Room Tuesday afternoon. The president, Mrs. O.M. Alger, was in the chair. Following the usual opening exercises, and the reading of reports, the money made by the various groups was handed to the treasurer, Mrs. Wallace. The ladies are delighted to know that an amount over the original objective was reached. The ladies who have acted as convenors are: Mrs. Argue, Mrs. Giles, Mrs. Horsey, Mrs. Kelley, Mrs. Rundle, Mrs. Trewin, Mrs. Trick and Mrs. Whitfield.


Following the meeting, one hundred and eleven ladies of the Society, visited the D.M. Tod Bread Limited by invitation from Mr. Tod, to see the wonders of making bread in quantities which left them amazed. Mr. Gray explained the machines which mixed weighed, divided, baked and wrapped the material which goes into the fine produce the Tod Bakery makes. The batch was started earlier and gave so many interested ladies the opportunity to see in daylight just how first class bread is made in Oshawa.


Good News From Santa Claus

Thursday, December 2nd, 1926 – The Oshawa Daily Reformer

News has been received by Radio that Santa Claus will visit Oshawa, Saturday afternoon, December 4, arriving at the Post Office about 2 p.m.


Let us all turn out, both young and old, to give our old friend Santa a real hearty welcome. – R.D. Preston, Mayor.


Regent Staging Midnight Show

Saturday, December 11th, 1926 – The Oshawa Daily Reformer

New Year’s Eve Will Bring Second Annual Revue Here

Manager Osier, of the Regent theatre announced this morning that the second annual New Year’s Eve Midnight Frolic will be staged by the John B. Rogers Producing Company of Fostoria, Ohio, in the Regent theatre on December 31st, this year, commencing at 11.30 p.m.


It will be bigger and better in every way than last season’s show, the cast numbering about seventy-five of Oshawa’s most talented entertainers with specially imported costumes, scenery and electrical effects.


The Midnight Show this year will have a singing and dancing chorus of over forty of this city’s popular younger set.


Gun Club To Hold Christmas Shoot

Thursday, December 16th, 1926 – The Oshawa Daily Reformer

Oshawa Gun Club will sponsor a clay bird shoot here at the traps, Simcoe street south, Sunday morning. One will be a handicap; the other an auction shoot, the first event to start at 9.30 o’clock. Marksmen from Toronto, Whitby, Bowmanville, Port Hope and Courtice are expected. President Tom Miller made the announcement last evening.


First 1927 Baby A Lucky Infant

Friday, December 31st, 1926 – The Oshawa Daily Reformer

The first baby born in Oshawa in 1927 is certain to be a happy one – if all that is to be done for it and given to it make for happiness.


Co-operating with the Oshawa Daily Reformer a number of the city’s leading merchants and business houses are announcing in this edition of The Reformer that they are giving this lucky infant various beautiful and useful things including and honest to goodness silver spoon and hot water bottles and baby blankets and milk and many other things which all are privileged to read about.


The Reformer provides a certification blank which the proud parents may sign along with the attending physician. All entries must be in at six o’clock next Friday. And the best of luck both to parents and child.



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